Business to Business Research

Business and Sector Experience

Our experience and specialisation are particularly with business to business and more specialist audiences, such as members and employees, customers, investors and advisers, journalists, students and academics and other opinion-leaders – although some studies cover wider consumer audiences.

Our clients represent sectors such as:

  • Banking, investment and financial services
  • Accountancy, law and other professional services
  • Advertising, public relations and design
  • Professional associations
  • Charities
  • IT and information services
  • Energy and utilities
  • Recruitment and other business services
  • Further education
  • Entertainment, media and publishing
  • Industrial and scientific
  • Government and public sector

Whilst much of the work undertaken is used within our commissioning clients, we also have extensive experience of research required for wider publication, whether in published reports or for PR releases. We have been involved in around 70 published surveys in the past eight years, including:

  • Published reports on a range of topics, including remuneration and career development of chartered accountants and chartered surveyors worldwide, challenges and opportunities facing businesses worldwide, experiences of companies on the London AIM market, use of mobile technology in business efficiency, impact of the economic downturn on company banking relationships, motivation of career women, experience of mergers and acquisitions, role of private equity in business development, trends in the worldwide travel market, global enterprise risk management, and trends in experiential marketing.
  • Surveys as input to media coverage, conferences and academic papers on subjects as diverse as consumer attitudes to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, listening to  music while driving, planners’ attitudes towards climate change, pensions and planning for retirement, smart phone usage, consumer attitudes towards luck, business attitudes to UK transport infrastructure priorities, employee attitudes towards flexible benefits, health and risk, developments in corporate reporting, profitability and performance of IFAs, and healthy eating in the workplace.